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November 2000 - rebuilding the Ayton Meeting House
is now well and truly underway

The work started in October 2000 after a long period of deliberation and application for planning approval, granted mid October - so there was very little delay before the contractors - Tom Willoughby - moved in.

This is the first progress report - others will follow, and be added, as further progress is made.

Exterior of Ayton Meeting House - November 2000

The meeting House entrance - adorned with builder's notices and hard hat warnings

Jane Campbell (Bye) in the Meeting House entrance hall

Jane Campbell (Bye) - complete with her hard hat - peering into the Meeting House from the entrance hall. 

No prizes for a caption!

What she saw was the view below to the interior of Meeting House - never to be seen like this again.


All cleared and ready for putting some new structure in place

This photograph shows the Meeting House with most of the destruction completed in preparation for the refurbishment. 

The floor is to be replaced and the steel reinforcing seen in the photo has now have been covered in concrete. The sills of the three windows have also been lowered now that pupils do not have to be dissuaded from gazing out of the window, or peeping in!

Meeting House - looking east towards the graveyard

This view is from the entrance looking east towards the window overlooking the graveyard.

The floor is down and the dividing walls are beginning to appear.


Meeting House - looking towards the entrance

From the graveyard window end - it is good to see plenty of thermal insulation ready to be inserted in the next stage of construction.

Progress is good and thankfully the opening phases of the work did not disclosed any major unexpected faults with the structure.

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