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This year’s Reunion will be very special for many old scholars; 2006 - plus or minus a year or so - will be their collective 70th Birthday. Now 70 is rather special because we all feel just a year or so older than when we left School but the joints, and other parts that ache, are patently not working quite as well as we all would like (speak for yourself - I hear some cry!). So, working on the assumption that a similar gathering in 2016 is not likely to be as well attended, this is to be a “Grand Do.”

Arthur Grange, in Canada, started getting form groups together back in the early 80s. He wrote to Gill Jackson on a whim, and as a result of her reply, decided to enlist her help in tracking down their old schoolmates. Working without the aid of e-mail, and via the school and OS records, the two of them combined forces resulting in a 1944-55 group Reunion and dinner in 1985 attended by eighteen OS and their partners.

This spurred them on to find more of their group and get them back for the Ayton Old Scholars’ Centenary Reunion in 1988, and with the intention to produce a booklet of mini-biographies (see the article below for more). Dick Dennis joined in with his publishing experience to make the biography booklet a reality - another special occasion with a Dinner in Great Broughton.

These special group Reunions within a Reunion were now popular - old friendships renewed and reminiscences on a wall-to-wall basis - so plans were soon under way for a joint 60th in 1996. This time we had computers and e-mail to help so contacting the many who we wanted to see again was a bit easier. A Birthday Party dinner was organised and held in Ingleby Greenhow Village Hall. A group photograph recording this 1996 occasion appears on a separate page.

So, now here we are again for our 70th and to be based on Whinstone View. Old Scholars will be congregating from around the World and a number already have plans for arriving on Thursday 22nd June, well ahead of the main Reunion and, who knows, there may be a few impromptu parties as well. If you have not been contacted (sorry about that) and were born or 35, 36 or 37(ish) and would like to join in, there is a Birthday Page on the website linked from the homepage. Just get in touch, e-mail, or phone, you will be very welcome.

Dick Dennis
Home phone: 01624 824249
Mobile: 07624 464465

All the characters in the Birthday Story go back a long way

Dorothy Dawson (Easton) speculated at the first meeting in 1985 just what the eighteen who met there for the first time for many years, had been doing with their lives since they left school. There were questions she would have liked to have asked at the time but did feel were appropriate, and so the 1988 booklet was born (the booklet is reproduced on separate pages).

Just about everyone involved in our years was contacted and most wrote a contribution, some longer and some shorter than others, thirty in all. What follows is these contributions reproduced almost exactly as they appeared in 1988 - a few lines with information out of date or irrelevant to 2006 have been deleted.

To identify family names as at Ayton, married names are shown in parenthesis.

We hope that reading these will encourage other year groups to do the same and renew the long-standing friendships we have enjoyed so much.

Sadly, a number of our group have died since the booklet was printed. They are: Arthur Grainge, Bill Coates, John Ideson, Gill Glasper, (Cornforth), John Findlay, and Jennifer Crabtree. They are all much missed.

The following pages, therefore, are the stories up to 1988; this Reunion is when we find what happened since.

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