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No. 5
Spring 1932

No. 107
Spring 1949

Autumn 1967

No. 164
Summer 1968



Four issues of the Beckside are reproduced here. There will be changes from time to time and if you have a favourite period in your life at Ayton please let me know and I will do my best to re-publish an appropriate issue.



Beckside - Vol 3 No. 5
Spring Term 1932
Beckside - No. 107
Spring Term 1949
Beckside -
Autumn Term
Beckside - No. 164 
Spring/Summer 1968
All four of these vintage Becksides make fascinating reading; they bring the past to life whether you were there at the time or not.

Mary Banks kindly sent me a number of Becksides from her years at Ayton (1932-38) so she was a new girl when this edition was published.

This web version is as close to the original as possible, including some of the spelling which would not have escaped editions in later decades.

Not to be missed - this edition contains all the "Pirates of Penzance" articles. Also, did you know Ayton School played a part in Germany's recovery after the War? Read on (under School News).

There are loads of linocuts and scraper board drawings. You can almost smell the lino - never to be forgotten!

A very slim but special Beckside - the entire text section is devoted to Evelyn Nicholson and her retirement at the end of the summer term 1967.

There were a lot of sports results - omitted from here - but exam results are included. 

Although 22 years old now this edition has a modern feel about it. There is much "social and moral comment" which is interesting to compare with today's values. To balance this there is a lot of fun - the Leavers' Examination on page seven is hilarious!

Drawings and art generally are to a high standard.


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