Buildings  A choice of five pages - mostly from the very early 1900s but finishing with Leven Hall.
Grounds Photo's of the Beck and Teachers' Terrace from the early 1900s onwards - plus snow and floods and quite a lot more.
Learning A selection of photographs from the early 1900s depicting life in a variety of classrooms.
Prospectus In 1927 the School issued an eight-page Prospectus for prospective parents - a fascinating read which has been reproduced as closely as possible to the original .
Staff A wide selection of staff portraits, plus  staff group photographs from the late 1800s to 1982
Sport Scenes from 1903 to the mid 1950s
People These pages show a number of individuals - some well known, other not, from Ayton's past
A selection of Form and School photographs which can grow with your help
School Life Four pages of photographs depicting School life from 1900 and - eventually - up to 1997
Events Four pages of Events spanning 1900 to 1988 
Reminiscences These pages are a series of mainly text articles, either written by old scholars, or reprinted from Becksides or AOSA Annual Reports.
Countryside A few photographs from outside the School gates.

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